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Talpiot Tomb Controversy Rises Again

Here’s the latest from various sources on the Talpiot Tomb Controversy. In late January a conference was held in Jerusalem regarding the Talpiot Tomb. The conference was called, “Third Princeton Theological Seminary Symposium on Jewish Views of the Afterlife and Burial Practices in Second Temple Judaism: Evaluating the Talpiot Tomb in Context.”

According to the blog of Mark Goodacre, Associate Professor of New Testament at Duke University, he reports that opinions of archaeological experts, scientists and scholars that contradicted the view taken in the controversial Discovery Channel “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” was not reported by the media.

Goodacre reports, “Instead the media have presented the views of Simcha Jacobovici, who produced the controversial film and book “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” with Hollywood director James Cameron, and who claims that his identification has been vindicated by the conference papers.”

Regardless of what conclusions were drawn from the conference gathering, the opinions of a journalist, Simcha Jacobovici and Hollywood director, James Cameron, who both worked on the documentary, carry more weight.

Ben Witherington chimes in stating, “Let me be clear that no fresh evidence came to light from this conference.” For Simcha Jacobovici to act as though this conference vindicated him makes me wonder about his grasp of reality.

However, one piece of evidence did make an appearance. Read Witherington’s description: “the widow of Joseph Gat, Gat being one of the original archaeologists who dug the Talpiot Tomb, revealed that her husband thought back in the 80s that this might be the tomb of Jesus, but he kept these views to himself, because . . . being a Holocaust survivor he was fearful of an anti-Jewish reprisal had he made his views known. This is sadly understandable.”

Some felt this was the smoking gun of the conference. But Goodcare is not so quick to grab Gat’s widow’s testimony as giving us anything conclusive. To snuff out the curling smoke of the alleged gun, we learn, “Joseph Gat lacked the expertise to read the inscriptions. His supervisor and other members of the Israel Antiquities Authority believe that Gat could not have made such a statement in his lifetime since the inscriptions seem to have been deciphered only after he had passed away.” Yet even in the face of this poor evidence Jacobovici claims Mrs. Gat’s statement has supported his claims about the tomb.

In a written statement signed by the attendees of the noted Jerusalem conference, the following statement is made: “To conclude, we wish to protest the misrepresentation of the conference proceedings in the media, and make it clear that the majority of scholars in attendance – including all of the archaeologists and epigraphers who presented papers relating to the tomb - either reject the identification of the Talpiot tomb as belonging to Jesus’ family or find this claim highly speculative.”

After this statement we are given a list of thirteen academics who attended the conference and signed this final conclusion.

The finality of this group of scholars is not enough for Jacobovici. Under the guise of objectivity, this Canadiam journalist is out to prove Jesus’ body once occupied one of the ossuaries found in the Talpiot tomb, first unearthed in the 1980.

Due to the reappearance of this controversy, I feel an imperative to let people know about the booklet I wrote last Spring, right after “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” documentary was shown on the Discovery Channel. This booklet is a guide to the Jesus Family Tomb controversy and makes a great tool to give to others who may have been confused by the Discovery Channel program.

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logisticmosquito said...

My story is not about not believing in god, it is about HOW he might have got things done. And these are just a few of the things I believe, and have written into my book Skeeter News.

David 1000 BC to 961 BC; He took the personal journals from the Arc and with the help of his son Solomon, they turned them into books. In doing so he did not write all that had been written, leaving out some of the stuff that made the original writers look too much like ordinary or possibly mad men.

586 BC; The Arc itself was like a library from god for those who possessed it. When it was stolen and taken to a place known as the 'Cradle of Civilization' [Babylon], those who stole it got to see all the things written in these personal journals. How many felt about this might be why the numbers 616, 665 and 666 were given to the bad guy spirit of if all.

Immigration; How did those in China, Persia, Rome and France feel about these people leaving the land of their gods, and moving onto the silk route? Did these four heads of state ever meet to discuss these issues and would they have any reason to 'bully' these people into producing proof of their gods?

Essenes; What part of it all did they have in it? Did they have a part in it with the other states along the silk Route? Spending years adopting and taking in homeless children, hoping to find one among them that fitted the profile of the messiah, that Isaiah proclaimed would come. Ironically they reigned within the same time the Parthians did, so is it possible that the seven churches were seven writing dens before they became churches. The word was not spread by mouth alone.

Scrolls found in the Dead Sea Caves; were they hidden there or were they there because that was where one man looked into them without interference, interpretation or interruption from others.

Father of Jesus; a. Joseph of Arimathea! When boys were growing up in the day, they stayed with their fathers and learnt their trade. Yet as soon as a girl child was old enough to feed herself and wipe her own bottom, she was sent to the church for 10 years schooling. Are we to believe that the things going on in the church today were not going on back in their day? b. Joseph the step father! Well there is no doubt that he was the one that raised Jesus till he was 12. What are the chances that it was him that went to India and became Saint Issa?

Wife; While many have claimed Mary Magdalene was his wife, I am more inclined to believe that a woman in Jericho called Veronica was. Veronica had been childless for 12 years, and she was very attentive toward Jesus when he carried his cross to the hill. I believe she will be the one to have the second copy of the copper scroll.

Children; To begin with, the absence of a child in a marriage, was just the kind of thing some thought was an indication that god had another purpose for them. Fear of what the man she loved was about to do was all it took to change her childless status. BUT, would the man have believed the child to be his, or deceit on the part of his wife to stop him from the walk he was heading out on. By the time their first was born and old enough to travel, she went to him. Just the kind of thing to draw power from a man who fears the identity of his wife will become known.

Jonah meaning Dove; Was the bird ['like a Dove'] that landed on his head in the river, a bird thrown out of the nest by its mother, somewhere near the Dead Sea Caves? Did Veronica let it go after he left and it followed him?

The supernatural or Holy Spirit; I believe that behind these things is a collection of people who have questions to ask. Example; Jesus raising the dead after three days! How long should one person, have done there best to keep some one else alive, if they fell into a coma for some reason? Will god save people from this? Those days he could not, but today he can. Walking on water; who could swim and who could not. Did the man believe that one day we all would be able to swim and he set there expectations of it high? Just because these things are no longer things we question today, back in those days there would have been those who anguished over such things.

My belief is that the Body of Jesus did not go to the tomb. After what Herod did killing the babies, I can understand why the Romans above all would want to see this biblical fairytale come to end for good. As the Bright and Morning Star hung on the Cross, dying in the dark, he said. One of the three would not be where the other two were. So I believe that the body stolen from the tomb was destroyed and not that of Jesus.

Also as a light in the darkness of day Jesus gave John to his Mother. I believe that Mary gave John works Jesus had written and drawn in his childhood. From these John wrote the centre of revelations. The beginning and end, something Jesus wrote on Patmos and John made a point to going there and getting them.

The Talpiot Tomb; These I believe were bodies from ‘Potters lot’. Taking from the grave yard and set up where they were found for profit. If it is at all a possibility, the body could have been the second of the two men hung with Jesus that day. With that possibility in mind; where was the good sinner beside Jesus supposed to go? If the bad sinner went to the tomb, but was meant to go to ‘Potters lot’ - then perhaps for better safe keeping; the good sinner was sent to ‘Potters lot’, so the body of Jesus could go to where he was supposed to be going.

So where did the body of Jesus go? FRANCE “The Cradle of Christianity”, to become the centre piece for the Templar treasure? That is where Veronica went. A collection of fine treasures centered on the body of Jesus and his real wife, would certainly make a great museum for the future. But was it ever going to be something that could be shared with the world? Would the world ever be ready for such a thing to happen? If this were true and the secret location of the treasure has been lost, how are we ever to find it?

Because I believe that a dying man would share a secret, I also believe the secret is not lost. If somebody knew where that body was, and gave serious thought to what would happen if it surfaced, care would have been taken. But it would be a hard thing to keep to one’s self and for this reason I am willing to guess as others have done.

The believers believe the body of Jesus will never be found because he ascended physically. The unbelievers believe if it is still here and found, then that will prove it's all a big lie. But does it?

Let’s say that after the body of Jesus was taken from the cross, and he was prepared for burial in Jerusalem. Let’s say this was done with no intention of actually sending his body to the tomb. Instead, the man Jesus said would not be in heaven with himself and the other, was sent instead.

There the man Jesus lay where bodies are prepared for the grave, surrounded by those who loved him, and had no intentions of letting others get their hands on his body. With all that damage done to his body, no doubt they were feeling very heartbroken by the sight of it.

In preparing the body for burial back then, an incision was usually made in the abdomen. [Only the flesh and bone were buried.] So why would it be so hard to believe that some one in the room suggested an alternative to normal procedure.

Scripture says that not a bone was broken, but it says nothing of a bone being surgically removed. Unless you go back to Genesis 2, and the creation of Woman from a rib of Adam! What a way for god to prove the believers and unbelievers both wrong and gain the worlds attention.

Leaving out the possibility that it was taken somewhere and spent, where could that Treasure be? I did a lot of reading over the last 18 years and have a theory of my own. We came out of the jungle, so why not hide it back in the jungle? From Jerusalem, the east coast of Africa was easy to get to. From there the Templars were able to build and ready a place for it to be hidden. Would it have seemed out of place to the people around at the time, if the Templars set sail across the Red sea with those touring the area? And instead of going across it they sailed down the coast.

Building a safe hiding place was probably something that took a long time, and when they were done, all that it needed was its contents. This I believed was sailed out of France in 1307, and taken to this treasure room to be buried. Where exactly? To a place that was named Cathkin Mountain! Cathkin is not a word with meaning as a singular word, but divided Cath-kin, had me think relative to Saint Catherine. The Place where Moses handed down the Ten Commandments from god to the people! The Mountain was given a second name some time later, and was called Champagne Castle. As many know, the name Champagne has some very serious ties with the setting up of the Knights Templars.

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