Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Tries A Deceitful Attempt at Christianity

You may have heard them at the Democratic Convention . . . the Agape International Choir.  It sounds like a Christian choir . . . almost evangelical.  But don't let the Christian-sounding name of this "gospel choir" fool you.  

If you've spent anytime in the Southern California area as a Christian "in the know," you've already connected the dots between this so-called Christian choir and the pseudo Christian group known as the Agape Spiritual Center.   This is their choir and the Agape Spiritual Center is far from being a Christian or the center of anything but New Age thought.  Here's the link; check it out for yourself: the Agape Spiritual Center. They are far from standard Christianity.

Their website speaks of their belief in a Christ consciousness rather than the Person of Christ.  They do not embrace Jesus as the only savior but include Him in A salad bowl of New Thought-Ancient Wisdom history which includes Gnostic teachings and the American New Thought Movement.

They do not use the standard Bible in their services but a metaphysical, Gnostic-inspired edition written and interpreted from the original Aramaic rather than the original Greek translation,

So if the Democrats try to pass off this choir as a "good ole' gospel singing group," don't buy into it.  The Democrats are so clueless and have lost all spiritual moorings that they cannot even choose an evangelical Christ-honoring choir to represent the spiritual side of the Democratic party.  Move over, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, you've got company.