Monday, January 14, 2008

In Tribute to My Son. . . and Dave Grohl

I met my son Jonathan and his fiance for lunch this afternoon.  They were returning to Denver after spending five days with us in light of the passing away of his grandfather.  It was our "farewell" meal until our next meeting.  

We met at Stanley's Restaurant in Sherman Oaks . . . an LA faux-faux eatery.  A place where you might find celebrities or a lettuce bug in your salad. 

When I arrived, my family was already seated.  My son Jonathan quickly told me to turn to my right to see who's sitting there. At first I saw some fifty something "dude" chomping on a bean sprout sandwich, and I asked Jon, "Who's that?"  He told me to look again further down the table.  

I looked . . .  and there was Dave Grohl, drummer for the Foo Fighters but even more importantly, the drummer for Nirvana. 

Already Jonathan was scheming with his fiance' Chandra how they were going to get his signature.  Jon knows my track record for getting autographs especially musicians and baseball players. I'm usually very successful.  My influence is at work in his mind. 

Number one rule, I suggest, don't bother him while he's eating. That's so uncool. Wait until he's done or hit him up on his way back from the restroom.  
Suddenly, one of the people seated at Grohl's table gets up and heads for the men's room. Jonathan follows in hot pursuit.  He needs advice and this guy's got the goods.  

My son the autograph seeker returns with the coveted advice, "Wait until Dave's finished eating."
Meanwhile, during this entire transaction, Jonathan and Chandra are speaking on their cell to their best friend Zack, who's a Foo Fighter fanatic.  They're on the cell phone tormenting Zack because his favorite drummer is  8 feet away from us.  Since Zack is a drummer, we're talking about his drumming hero.

Zack loves the Foo Fighters so much that he's going to play one of their songs, Everlong, at his wedding to Kylie.  

Then my son says to Zack over the cell, "If I get his autograph, I'll give to you."  Suddenly Jonathan remembers he's got a Foo Fighter CD-Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace- in the car.  He bolts out of Stanley's to  grab the CD. He's already figured it out to ask Grohl to sign the liner notes and address it to Zack.  How cool is that?

Jon returns to his seat with the liner notes in his hand. Grohl surprisingly bolts out of his seat and heads to the front door.  I tell Jon, "this is your chance. He's leaving." Little did I know he was out for a smoke break.

Jonathan heads out of the restaurant with the liner notes in his hand and finds Dave outside enjoying his smoke.  Jonathan tells him he did not want to bother him while he was eating, and the Foo Fighter star tells him that he appreciated his gesture of respect.  

Jonathan tells Grohl about Zack's admiration of the band and that he's playing Everlong at wedding.   Grohl is impressed, takes the liner notes and writes: Zack–Cheers! Dave Grohl.

I was very proud of my son for thinking of someone one before himself.  To me, as his Dad, that was better than the autograph.

I can go on and on about my own autograph escapades . . . Jerry Seinfeld and the entire Seinfeld cast, Mickey Mantle, Jason Giambi, Willie Mays and so many others.  And I kept them all . . . . and never even entertained the thought of given them to anyone else. 

 I've got some things to learn from my son or maybe he learned some things from me. 

Well, there was one time when he was nuts over this Disney show, Kids Incorporated and I drove him to Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, Ca so he could meet them and get their signatures. Jonathan was about 6 years old and presently has no recollection of the experience. 

I ran with him in my arms, sweating, heart beating through the summer heat  through the Knotts Theme  Park to make it to the show so Jonathan could meet them. 

Ok . . . then he did learn something from me.  After all, I never wanted the autographs of Kids Incorporated. 

Thank you Dave Grohl for making my day. And we didn't even hand you a demo! 



Anonymous said...

That was so cool!!!!
You raised Jon right!
And Zack's gonna love that autograph!!!!

Louis Lapides said...

Thanks! That was so awesome . . . just the way the whole thing went down. Picture perfect. Does Jon remember the Kids Incorporated incident? Here's something interesting about Kids Inc. Some very notable people that were on Kids Incorporated was Fergie from Black Eyed Peas also known as Stacy Ferguson, Eric Balfour (Six Feet Under; Sex, Lies, and Secrets; Hawaii; Conviction), and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer; Party of Five; I Know What You Did Last Summer; Heartbreakers). Somewhere in Jon's stuff we have those signatures!!!

kylie said...

I don't think Jon even knows how happy Zack is about that autograph! I think he practically floated into my house last night.
Jon is an awesome guy for doing that for Zack.
Maybe one day Z will be able to repay him and get him Bono's autograph =).
Everlong is going to sound so awesome being played by the one and only Jon at our wedding! And now Dave Grohl knows about it!

Louis Lapides said...

Kylie: Sorry I misspelled your name. I went into the blog and fixed it. If you or Zack get a chance and find a Dave Grohl blog, you ought to tell him his kindness was noted and written about. Good to hear from you!

lb said...

dave grohl.. lead singer and guitarist of foo fighters.. taylor hawkins is the drummer..

Anonymous said...

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