Friday, February 1, 2008

A Presidential Tragedy: Hillary The Movie

I wasn't particularly excited about seeing Hillary the Movie, A Citizens United Productions Film. Regardless, I showed up at the Harmony Gold Screening Room in Los Angeles for the screening. Actually, Mrs. Clinton was appearing in a debate with Barak Obama at the Kodak Theatre a few miles down the road. I bet the film I saw was more interesting than the debate between the two Democratic presidential candidates.

Why wasn't I enthused about seeing Hillary the Movie? Well, I suffered enough through the Clinton Chronicles as well as the months of hearing about Hillary's Travelgate debacle, Whitewater, Ron Brown, and Vince Foster. I watched almost religiously the impeachment trials of William Jefferson Clinton. I grew weary witnessing the legal skills of Kenneth Starr trying to pin the president to the mat on his improprieties and lies.

So here we are . . . a country poised on the precipice of electing the 44th President of the United States. Only now I prognosticate when I say I see before us more of the same . . . much more.  Only this time it's the Hillary Chronicles or Hillarygate.  I'm growing weary of watching Hillary stand before the firing squad of her detractors and wincing as Hillary, with her face blown off, her legs and arms shot to pieces and her heart riddled with bullets, keeps giving these sharpshooters another target to aim at. How can they miss?  

Don't get me wrong; she's an easy target. A very easy target . . . an immobile target with bulls eyes affixed to every aspect of her political career and personal character (what's left of it).

Rather than go through the whole Hillarygate once again, I'd rather get on to the substance of the presidential debates. . . the issues: illegal immigration, the environment, the war on terrorism, health care, Iraq and the economy. To think of watching another two hours of the Clinton flaws didn't exactly yank my crank.

The film . . . according to the hillarythemovie website, includes an endless cast of political celebrities: Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Gerth, Buzz Patterson, Michael Barone, Billy Dale, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Tony Blankley, Dick Armey, Bay Buchanan, Joe Connor, Mark Levin, Frank Gaffney, Peter Paul, Gary Aldrich, Dan Burton, John Mica, Michael Medved, Kathleen Willey, Kate O’Beirne, Larry Kudlow and more!

Believe me, they all had stories about Mrs. Clinton and her devious ways, especially her calculated use of tax audits to bring down anyone who might expose her dirty deeds. 

Wait . . hold it. I hear a knock on the door. An IRS agent? What?

That's Hillary. This is a film that claims it is "the first and last word in what the Clintons want America to forget!" Anyone who plans to vote-Republican or Democrat or Independent-should see this film.

From a review by Aryeh Spero on, we read the essence of Hillary The Movie:
The film revisits most of the egregious episodes of the Clinton presidency and the strategic role Mrs. Clinton played in punishing those who stood in the way of granting Bill a free pass. Bill Clinton recently accused Barack Obama of doing “a hit job" on him when, in truth, for years Hillary did "hit jobs" on those she considered political obstacles -- be it the women with which her husband had his way or even upright family men as Billy Dale of the White House travel office.

Her antics were enough to send me out of the screening room trying to get some fresh air as I choked on the possibility that such a person could become our next president.

Without going into the pros and cons of  the factual aspects of  such Clinton fiascos such as Hillary's botched health care program, Bill's fumble of an opportunity to take out Osama Bin Laden,  and the President's horrendous presidential pardons of a gang of Puerto Rican terrorists, here's my gut reaction to this finely done film . . . directed by Alan Peterson and produced by David N. Bossie and Peterson.

Hillary Clinton is not a nice human being. She's not an emotionally healthy person. She has some serious character flaws that carries the potential to get this country in a lot of trouble with Mrs. Clinton on the throne.

To put you at ease I did read her book Living History. I don't despise her. I don't boo when she appears on the screen like some of the other theatergoers did. I think eight years of listening to Bush Bashing should make us the more wiser to not stoop to the likes of Whoopie Goldberg and her ilk.

The film kicked off featuring Hillary's early political career which was entangled in her husband's. Hillary stood by Bill's slimy side for the Arkansas governorship and the presidential run. When Bill was victorious Hillary smiled and beamed. A gleam of satisfaction and perhaps love came from her eyes. Her beauty shone forth in these moments.

Face it, Hillary is an attractive woman. There were moments in the film where some still photos exhibited Hillary as a very attractive woman. In contrast, there's no need for Republicans and other Conservatives to make fun of her figure or any other part of her body nor for anyone to display unflattering photos of Hillary as a way of humilating her. That's so sophomoric and unbecoming.

Then came the change . . . Hillary's face transformed into a saddened, sullen look. Her embittered emotions, like an eruption of adolescent acne, started to show on her countenance. Her demeanor grew angry, resentful and laden with pain.

Can you blame Hillary? She's got quite a lot on her own plate with Whitewater and the other Hillary messes. Don't forget . . .Bill has dumped a lot of what was on his plate right into his wife's lap . . .Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, Katherine Wiley, Paul Jones and others. That's enough to bring that sabertoothed stare on Hillary's face. Her husband humiliated her in full view of the world. Give the woman a break!

You can say what you want about backroom deals between Hillary and Bill to save their marriage once the Lewinsky affair was revealed . . . perhaps she promised to stay betrothed to Bill if he supported her bid for the presidency. We'll never know. But this I do know.

Bill and Hillary Clinton . . . the two of them . . . make one heck of a dysfunctional family. I can almost see the marital embroidered towels hanging side-by-side in their bathroom: Her power. His lies.

The ongoing question plagues everyone who comes into contact with her, "Who is this woman?" Her deception and cover-ups. Her refusal to stop at nothing to save her butt. She's ruthless, cunning and . . not a nice person. Too bad. I've always tried to respect her for her intelligence. Now that I see what she's done with her acumen, I no longer respect her.

Hillary Clinton has no business in the White House or the Oval Office or anywhere near the District of Columbia. She and her husband will bring nothing but more of their family dysfunction into our nation's capital. Mrs. Clinton needs help but I am not sure if anyone is qualified to plummet through her deceptive nature to locate the real Hillary.

Hillary the Movie? See it if you can find it. Buy it on the website. Show it to your Democratic friends. Watch Hillary's face and demeanor slowly sag deeper and deeper. You'll be glad you did. The Clinton family needs to be put out to pasture . . perhaps in Barbara Streisand's backyard. After all, any political figure that has the full backing of the leftist decadent wing of Hollywood like Hillary does, that should be enough to grab up our skirts or pantlegs and take off running.



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