Monday, March 21, 2011

Farrakhan Launches First Shot at Obama's Stance on Libya

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Louis Farrakhan shouted at President Obama over WVON-AM 1690 radio in Chicago on Saturday's broadcast.

Farrakhan's Controversy Over Libya

Minister Farrakhan, long-time Nation of Islam leader aimed his tirade at the U.S. President over his decision to call Libya's Muammar Gaddafi to step down from his leadership role. Gaddafi is the object of America, Great Britain and France's ire over the slaughtering of Libyan citizens who are protesting his dictatorship politics and seeking his resignation.

Farrakhan, outspoken supporter of Obama and recipient of a lifetime achievement award from Obama's former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is a noted anti-Semite and racist.  In his criticism of the president, the Minister cautioned Obama:
I warn my brother do not let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world…Why don’t you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Gaddafi, you can’t order him to step down and get out, who the hell do you think you are?”
Farrakhan's Blind Eye Towards Muslim-on-Muslim Mass Slaughter 

Farrakhan reference to "wicked demons" describes the leaders of  "imperialist" Great Britain, France and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who decided to establish a "no fly" zone in Libya.  Farrakahn is infamous for calling white people "white devils" yet he ignores the Islamic demons in his own backyard.

Not once in Farrakhan's biased rant on Chicago radio did he condemned the slaughter of Libyan citizens - fellow-Muslims - by the Libyan leader.

Minister Farrakhan was quick to condemn President George W. Bush for advancing into Iraq for the purpose of regime change. Yet Mr. Farrakhan never condemned his Muslim brother, Saddam Hussein, in his murderous use of WMDs against the the Kurds and against Shi'ite Muslims in the Iran-Iraq war.  The Nation of Islam leader also skipped over the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis Hussein tortured and savagely slaughtered during his evil reign.

Farrakhan displayed a jaundiced eye towards the miserable human rights violations unleashed by Iranian leader Ahmadinejad upon fellow Iranians, especially Islamic women.

It is clear the Nation of Islam leader, like his Chicago cohort, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is more concerned with condemning America as an imperialist force than he is in blasting Islamic leaders for their slaughter of thousands of  fellow-Muslim brothers and sisters.  In recent years America has shown more concern over the death of Muslims than the Black Muslim Minister!

Farrakhan's Consistent Hatred of Israel

Farrakhan wasted no time in his radio fireside "rant and rave" to condemn Israel as he addressed Americans:
Is it that you are so concerned over the blood that is being shed in Libya that you look the other way when the Israeli Defense Force was bombing innocent people of Gaza, unarmed men, women and children? But our government looked the other way.
Mr. Farrkahan not once acknowledged the terrorists attacks on Israel by Palestinian citizens of Gaza that preceded the IDF's attack on the Gaza. Calling the Palestinians "unarmed" demonstrates the Minister's ignorance of the fact the Israeli military discovered tunnels running from Gaza to Egypt for the purpose of transporting arms into Palestinian territories.  Just last week Israelis commandeered an Iranian ship bound for the Gaza Strip loaded with weapons  to be used in terrorist actions against the people of Israel.

From the Black Voice News  we learn more about Farrakhan-Gaddafi-Palestinian connection:
Gaddafi used this jackpot [discovery of oil on Libyan soil] to finance such radical military outfits as the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and any group considered oppositional to imperialism.
Farrakhan's Blame of Black Problems on the Jews

Just who is Louis Farrakhan?  Most people are not familiar with the Chicago-based Nation of Islam's leader. An excellent violinist, Farrakhan's appreciation for fine arts and culture has not hindered him from being a low class race monger.

According to a 2009 Anti Defamation League Report, Farrakhan  accuses the Jewish people of "sucking the blood of the black community." The Islamic leader also claims the state of Israel will have no peace because "there can be no peace structured on injustice, lying, thievery, murdering and using God's name as a shield for your dirty religion."

Farrakhan believes blacks are superior to whites and are God's chosen people and that blacks should have a separate nation within the United States.

When Farrakhan speaks Americans must take into account here is a man who called Hitler a "very great man . . a great German."  When he tried to explain his comment, he made his stand even worse, "He was indeed a great man, but also wicked-wickedly great."

Anti-Semitism is a staple of the Nation of Islam. Some of their book shops display and sell copies of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a forgery claiming a plot exists in which Jews are conspiring for world domination.  Yet Farrakhan and followers play down the Islamic desire to convert all infidels and to bring the whole world in submission to Allah.

Farrakhan's Beliefs Cannot Be Ignored

The controversial Louis Farrakhan can be written off as a marginal nut job that need not be dealt with.  Regardless, he is a man of influence as seen in his 1996 visit to Gaddafi along with  Rev. Wright. Afterwards Gaddafy offered Farrakhan a $5 million dollar interest free loan to be used to fund the Nation of Islam in their war against "white devils" and Jews. Thankfully, this gift was blocked by President Clinton.

Several times in his radio speech, Farrakhan calls Gaddafi "Brother Muammar"  and asked Obama to consider he is allying himself with countries who want to kill "Brother Muammar."   One wonders since Farrakahn refers to Obama as the "son of a Kenyan man", if he considers our president a brother to Gaddafi due to their similar Muslim background. Obama did live as a Muslim from ages six to ten while living in Indonesia with his nominally Islamic step-father and white mother.

Though several degrees of separation exists between Farrakhan and our president, the steps are not that far away. Farrakhan has great influence on President Obama though former pastor Jeremiah Wright [a man Obama sat under for twenty years a a congregant in his church] with his raging hatred for America.

We can only hope Obama will ignore the deep loathing Farrakahn and his former pastor both have for the country "Brother Barak" is now leading.