Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bob Dylan Plays in Tel Aviv Despite Pleas to Boycott Israel

On June 20th Bob Dylan performed in Israel amid a lot of pressure by various anti-Israel groups in favor of boycotting the Jewish state. One group Please Don't Play for Apartheid Israel expressed their disappointment when the legendary rocker ignored their pleas and went forward with his concert.

Hooray for Bob Dylan who stood up to these groups calling on the singer to boycott Israel. Such groups are using videos to call on such artists as Paul Simon, Moby and Duran Duran to cancel their concerts. Some of the artists who have honored the boycott include Carlos Santana, who cited scheduling problems for the cancelation. Yet boycott groups against Israel are claiming Santana as one artist who has honored their call to boycott Israel.

Regardless of the call for a boycott, Dylan performed and even sang several of his Christian songs for the mostly Israeli crowd.  I've gained a new respect for Dylan for standing up to pressure and not giving in to pressure to anti-Israel groups.


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