Monday, July 11, 2011

Are Anti Zionists also Anti Semitic?

A standard line by anti-Zionist Christians is that their stand against Israel does not mean they are anti-Semitic.

Stephen Sizer, Vicar of Christ Church in Surrey, UK is a noted anti-Zionist who claims to be pro-Israel and not an anti-Semite.

I ask you to be the judge of whether Reverend Sizer, who appears at almost every Palestinian Christian conference, is an anti-Semite. Based on the company he keeps and the authorities he quotes, I have good reason to tag this Christian pastor as both anti-Israel and an anti-Semite whose writings help fuel the enmity of Israel's enemies against the Jewish nation.

This is the same Stephen Sizer who is a featured speaker at the Bethlehem Bible College's Christ at the Checkpoint Conference which includes such notables as author John Ortberg, Lynne Hybels, wife of Willow Creek Pastor, Bill Hybels, Christian writer Ron Sider, Jews for Jesus worker Richard Harvey, speaker and author Tony Campolo and many others.

Here is a recent video on Stephen Seizer and his associates:


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