Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Those Zionist Jews Again!

It was bound to happen. Put a bunch of lefties together in the streets calling for revolution and soon enough someone is going to blame the Jews for all the ills of society. Ho hum!

Tonight on Fox TV News, a video was shown of a black woman, Patricia McAllister who works for the Los Angeles Unified School District being interviewed.

This misinformed woman stated that the corrupt heads of corporate banks and the Federal Reserve are Jewish Zionists who need to be run out of this country.  Well, I'm a Zionist Jew and I'm not the head of a bank and I'm not leaving this country!

Why did I mention she is black?  Why did she mention the heads of banks and the Federal Reserve are Jewish?

Of course, this was one voice out of hundreds of thousands who made an anti-Semitic remark. I'm not as stupid as this woman.  I did read one more sign that equated corporate bank heads with the Rothchilds - another anti-Semitic comparison. A white person was holding the sign.

My point is to show my readers how ignorant people are.  Here are the names of the CEOs of three major banking corporations:

Jamie Dimon - of Greek descent and Chairman and CEO at JP Morgan Chase and Company

John G. Stumpf - from Minnesota and Chairman, President and CEO of Wells Fargo and Company

Brian Moynihan - President and CEO of the Big Monster of them all -  Bank of America. 

Ben Bernake - Chairman of the Federal Reserve and he is Jewish!  Ah ha! A Jew is behind all this corporate greed after all.

Let's speak about the significance of Patricia McAllister's statement.  First, it was anti-Semitic. As an employee of the LA Unified School District, she should be fired for her antisemitism. If a white employee of the LAUSD make a derogatory comments about blacks on national TV, he or she would be canned on the spot - a boot in the butt. 

Second, this woman's comments sound strangely familiar.  I wonder if she's been listening to Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam?  Farrakhan is noted for his Jew hatred and for making similar comments about Zionist Jews.  

Don't forget that Minister Farrakhan was awarded a lifetime achievement award by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of the church where President Barak Obama attended for twenty years.

Yes, I almost forgot.  Out of twenty years of attendance at Rev. Wright's church, the president never heard his pastor say anything derogatory about Jewish people or America. 

Last, if antisemitism starts to make inroads into the largely leftist Occupy Wall Street movement, then the Democratic Party - whose members make up the largely liberal protest -  is in for a lot of trouble.

President Obama will have no choice but to distance himself from this movement lest he lose the Jewish vote and a huge chunk of his credibility as someone who does not belong in the White House.

Once again, Obama's feet will be put to the fire as he will be forced to distance himself from the beliefs of black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Rev. Wright who have made similar anti-Semitic comments to Patricia McAlllister.

I prefer not to see anti-Semitism rear it's ugly head in  the Occupy Wall Street movement. Ironically, Jewish individuals have been largely associated with left wing movements - Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Karl Marx and others. Yet in the majority of situations, most left wing movements started by Jewish people end up turning against Jewish people as they are vilified and demonized as "rich Jews who control the world's banks." 

Racist charges were thrown at Tea Party participants, but no one was quick enough to put the evidence on tape. As far as I am concerned, those racist comments allegedly made by Tea Party members never happened. It's also very ironic since there are a lot of black people in the Tea Party movement and many Tea Party members support the presidential bid by black leader Herman Cain.

In the case of Patricia McAllister, her hatred for Jewish people is recorded, posted on You Tube and available for everyone to watch.  In fact, if you want to tell Ms. McAllister what you think of her racist stunt, here is her email address:



Louis Lapides said...

It's quite interesting that when you read the accompanying comments to the YouTube Patricia McAllister video, you'll read some of the most vicious antisemitism you can imagine. I wonder how much this sentiment is at the core or the peripheral of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I warn those Jewish people who have embraced the OWS movement to be cautious that your fellow occupier may turn against you as the enemy. History can repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louis,
I'm a forensic psychologist. My father is Jewish and my mom was Catholic. Thus, I have a unique perspective. At times, it has been difficult to just be me. Some people think I "look" Jewish and so, I get some rotten antisemite slams. I always try to re-educate them. When I heard McAllister's rant, I was aghast she was entrusted with teaching kids. I e-mailed her and offered to escort her on a tour of The Museum of Tolerance. I also suggested she undergo a psych. eval. She responded with, "Have a blessed day." Yucky!

Smoky Brown said...

Well written and spot on. Thank you.

Billiedon said...

If I have an issue with Arabs, does that make me "antisemitic" too? After all, they're semitic people. Just curious to see what "Jews" think.

Louis Lapides said...

Billiedon: Yes, Arabs are technically "semitic" since they descend from Abraham who is from Shem. However, the line of Abraham was carefully distinguished when God gave His promises of the land of Israel to the seed of Isaac (Jewish people) and not to the line of Ishmael (Arabs). I won't address the lines of different Arab peoples but it is quite extensive and at times seems to lead to many people groups that came to an end. But let's be realistic. The word "semitic" in today's parlance refers to Jewish people. It's just the way it is. If someone is hateful towards Arabs, that person is not called "antisemitic" but anti-Arab or just "racist."

If we are going to press the word "anti-Semitic" to refer to Arabs simply because they are semitic and disregard the common usage of the term "anti-Semitic," then we run into other similar difficulties in our language.

If I was anti-African American, you would say I am anti-black or a racist. However, African Americans are not the only black people on the planet. People from India are quite dark and darker than many Negroes. Yet in the common use of the English language, to be anti-black is to be anti-African American not anti-Indian. Since the "n" word is applied to blacks in America in reference to their skin color, then would it be applicable to call an Aborigene from Australia with their dark skin, the "n" word? Of course not. We have reserved certain terms to apply to particular people or ethnicities.

Conclusion: The word "anti-Semitic" refers 99.9% of the time in popular usage of the English language to the hatred of Jewish people not Arabs.