Friday, May 20, 2011

Florida's Mr. Nice Guy Islamic Terrorist

Izhar Khan,  iman of a Margate, Florida's mosque was arrested recently on charges of funneling money to Pakistan's Taliban.  Southern Florida's Sun Sentinel  reported before the spiritual leader could begin his Friday 6 a.m. worship service, he was arrested by federal agents and city police.
Officials report Khan was part of a larger conspiracy linked to the Pakistani terrorist group. According to the indictment against Kahn, "it was the purpose and object of the conspiracy to advance the jihad of the Pakistani Taliban against the Pakistani government and its perceived allies, including the United States, in order to displace the lawful government of Pakistan and to establish Sharia."

Kahn's mosque was stunned at the arrest of their iman.  However, the most stunning aspect of the charge against Khan was the description of their spiritual leader.

Worshipper Navin Singh, 34 stated "He's not a bad person at all, he's very good, very respectful. He's into his religion and sports and that's it." Such shocking words to describe a man who covertly sent funds to the terrorist Taliban organization.

The Taliban are known to not only have killed Pakistani supporters of their government but also conspired to kill American troops sent to Pakistan to overthrow the Taliban.  Consequently, Mr. Nice Guy was sending funds to Pakistan that were used to kill members of the U.S. military.  "He's not a bad person at all."  In my book Khan is a murderous Islamic monster; not a nice guy who is just into his religion and sports.

Another congregant described Khan as a "typical 76-year-old grandfather just preaching and teaching good values, just  'do's and don'ts' and we did not have any inclination that he had any kind of political motivations."

How do you describe a person who has been accused of supporting terrorism as a "typical grandfather" just preaching good morals? Have these people lost their minds, knowing their leader may be responsible for funding the deaths of hundreds or thousands of Muslims and Americans?  Is Islam that blinding that its adherents can no longer recognize evil?

What blind devotion to a supporter of terrorism. The members of the Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen mosque should be hanging their heads in shame.

Thank God the Council on American-Islamic Relations suspended Izhar Khan as leader of the mosque.  CAIR announced "The Muslim community rejects and condemns terrorism . . . and any support of terrorism."

The odd part of the Sun Sentinel article, written by Linda Trischitta and Paula McMahon, is that the two journalists devoted three columns quoting congregants who had nothing but positive words to say about their arrested leader.  "He's a man of spirituality and humble, peace loving." "Whenever I came here [the mosque], he prayed and was peaceful."  The article was slanted in the direction of making Khan out to be an everyday Joe-Iman.

Kahn was not a nice guy at all. In a private conversation included in the indictment against him, the iman was described, "[Hafiz] Kahn, upon hearing that mujahedeen in Afghanistan had killed seven American soldiers, declared his wish that God bring death to 50,000 more."

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