Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who was the Times Square car bomber?

The question must be asked, "Who was the person who tried to set off a car bomb in the heavily populated area of Times Square this past weekend?" I have to pose this question because once again the true enemy of the United States has been exposed.

While the mainstream media and even the President of the United States have recently concerned themselves with the Tea Party movement and conservative pundits, America let their guard down and terrorism struck again.  Obama and his supporters falsely led America to believe we have something to fear in the growing Tea Party movement. While liberal and leftists cowering before Sarah Palin, the true enemies of the U.S. were planning another attack. 

As a listener to conservative radio talk show hosts, Fox News and a participant in several Tea Party rallies, I've witnessed nothing but support and love for this country from these people.

The constant theme at Tea Party meetings I've attended is patriotism, supporting  the U.S. Constitution and criticism of our present government's policies on taxes.  It is not un-American to disagree with the policies of the present administration.  It was not too long ago when liberals were defending their patriotism because of their criticism of the President Bush's war on terrorism in Iraq. 

The problem with the Left ever since Obama took office is a minimizing of Islamic terrorism.  Terrorists like the Christmas bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmatallab are seen as criminals and not part of a terrorist network. 
In fact, according to an Associated Press article about the Times Square bomber, Faisal Shazad's Cooperation is 'Ongoing. investigators are focusing their questioning of Shazad on the possibility of other imminent terrorist attacks on the U.S. In other words, the Obama administration is starting to wake up to the fact terrorists do not act alone.  They are not, according to NY Mayor Bloomberg in describing the NY Times Square bomber, a deranged person who acted on his own.  

Once we start labeling terrorists as individuals who are mentally ill and acting alone, we are playing into the hands of the terrorists who do not want us to see the larger picture of terrorist networks that operate both inside and outside the U.S. 

The media needs to take their focus off Fox News personalities and 50 year old white guys waving their American flags at Tea Party rallies as the ones creating an atmosphere of violence in America.  Ironically, the members of the Tea Party movement stand for everything our enemies oppose - freedom of speech, freedom to practice one's religious faith, the right to pursue personal happiness without government intervention, and especially women's rights.

Thank God the evil intentions of the Christmas bomber and the Times Square car bomber failed.  The stupidity of these Islamic evildoers have foiled their attempts to kill Americans.  The time will come when they will be successful.  Americans will die. But not by the hands of politically conservative Americans or members of the Tea Party movement.  U.S. citizens will die as on 9/11 by the hands of Islamic terrorists who hate this country and rejoice when its citizens face tragedy.

Let us never forget that on 9/11 Palestinians were rejoicing at the news of the fall of the World Trade Center towers and the people who lost their lives in that tragic collapse. Those are our enemies - Palestinian terrorists, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic jihadists, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Islamic cells that are operating in the U.S. right now plotting their next attempt to destroy Americans. 




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