Monday, April 26, 2010

My Blog My Resume

In Chris Brogan's book Social Media 101 he suggests that a person's blog is actually his resume. A blog informs others what you're interested in, information you want others to know about you and how you perceive yourself.

Instead of relying only on your two page resume that lists job skills, employment history/salary, educational background and career achievements, job seekers should rely on their blog to let future employers to become more familiar with them..

Brogan's perspective caused me to rethink my approach to blogging. What can people tell about me from reading my blog? Can my blog posts cause me to obtain a job or keep me from getting one?

From reading my past blogs, I  realized what messages I am projecting to others, and I discovered it's not so bad after all. I am concerned about the political atmosphere of our country; I have a spiritual devotion to God and the Bible; I enjoy helping people and suggesting ways people can improve their lives, and I am an avid observer of how our culture affects children.

However, the reason I blog says the most about who I am.  I enjoy the connections I have with others through social media networking.

Social media has become my passion because it's one way I can connect with a large number of people and help individuals to connect with one another.

On the job front,  I would enjoy working with several companies setting up their blogs and other networking platforms so they can communicate with consumers, receive feedback on their services/ products and use the information gained from customers to improve their company.

Over the weekend I attended a social media seminar and one of the attendees asked how to set up a blog. After the class I offered my services to get her company's blog presence online. I enjoy seeing other people succeed and find a lot of fulfillment in simplifying the social media computer tools so they become useful to novices and non-geeks.

I could tell from attending the Social Media seminar that a lot of people are overwhelmed with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn, and people are afraid  to admit their ignorance. The seminar leader tried to simplify several social media applications, but participants only became more confused, and started bombarding the instructor with more questions.

If I can remove people's fear of these Internet social media applications, I will be doing a great service for others. This is my resume. I find deep fulfillment simplifying social media tools to everyday people. This passion of mine may not come across in my written resume, so I have no other choice but to use my blog to explain what I like to do the most.

Do you need help setting up a blog and live in Southern California? I can offer my services.

Perhaps you have some suggestions on how social media networking can be simplified? Do you have a book, a class or a tutorial to recommend? Please leave a comment.

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