Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Devil In Disguise

Here are we are again . . . another movement has resurged from within Christianity making the claim to hearing the latest from God.

I've been a follower of Jesus since 1969 and I've watched these "manifestations of the Holy Spirit" may their way into the Body of Christ through so-called Christian teachers, do their damage, confuse Christians and then fade slowly away into the distance. It's only a matter of time before Christians get bored enough with their me-centered personal relationship with Christ to create a void for these false teachers to gain control.

The issue for me issue for me is not charismatic vs. non-charismatic. Those categories out outdated and don't apply. The only issue is this: what in the world is Christianity anymore? We have these whackomatic Christians doing their Holy Spirit voodoo magic on one hand and then we have the super-intellectuals speaking academic gibberish to each other while the Church sits idly by not know what to say.

Once again the Church is being attacked by a new crop of "anointed" men and women of God; I prefer to call them Christian witch doctors - sames like Todd Bentley, connected with the Kansas City movement in the 90s, the Toronto crowd (Arnott) and Che Ahn in California. It seems the body of Christ cannot get away from the constant outpouring of demonic poison these individuals keep pouring into the churches, bookstores and Christian gatherings.

When I witness the antics and the messages of these people, I say in my heart, "I don't belong to that religion. That's not Christianity. I'm not sure what it is? The Ringling Brother and Barnum and Bailey Circus?" I know that sounds terrible for me to say but it's about time someone has the guts to say that these so-called "men of God" do not represent New Testament Christianity. It is their own brand of Le Cirque du Soleil with Jesus attached to it.

If that's biblical Christianity, then I am not a Christian. What I see is a whole other religion that can only be described with such words as pagan, maniacal, disorderly, trickery, Christian voodoo-ism, and a religious expression of people bored with their lives and frankly out of love with the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, they are doing a Christian make-over otherwise known as "useless-ism."

The main message of this current phase of spiritual truth is for the Christian to seek supernatural encounters with God. These alleged spiritual leaders speak of receiving messages from angels and yet no where in the Scriptures are we told to seek angelic messages, nor are we told to command God to send angels.

In addition - and this is so old school - when these Christians claim that the Lord has slain them in the Spirit and they have been put in a state where they are not in control of their own bodies and minds, there is nothing in the Bible that teaches this. Why would you seek an experience not described in the Bible? If anything, you can find similar out-of-mind experiences in paganism and animistic cults. These experiences are not of God but come from the very pagan faith God told the children of Israel to avoid and destroy - men, women and children.

What is wrong with these Christians? Maybe they should just admit they are bored of Jesus and are looking for something more than just Him. Christ is not enough for these extreme super-spiritual believers. They want experiences.

The word of God does not tell us to be anything but sober minded, self controlled, steeped in the word of the Lord and to continue to test the spirits. If we are to obey these things, then we do not turn off our minds and or lose control of our bodies. It's the exact opposite according to this new flow of Christian teaching.

After walking with God since 1969, I am witnessing the same old, ultra Holy Spirit manifestations. Nothing has changed except the men in charge. Instead of Charles Capps, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland or Lester Sumerall, we have new deceivers to take their place.

These men are demeaning the name of the Lord Jesus. They always have. They speak of Jesus as their "Pal . . . who leads them into higher spiritual dimensions." They are irreverent as they puff themselves up with their own encounters with God. No longer do we see men struck with the sinfulness of their condition. Instead, we are seeing a crop of new spiritual leaders who claim to be "little gods" and are deceiving the stupid sheep who follow them and give them their money and applause.

None of these men have secret knowledge or any higher spiritual dimension, as they claim. They are liars and charlatans. Whenever anyone in the Scriptures came close to the presence of the Lord, they walked away from the Lord struck by His majesty and humbled by their sinfulness. Today we see the opposite. Isaiah the prophet saw the glory of God (Isaiah 6) and fell down in fear; Paul prostrated himself in fear and Moses' face had to be veiled.

The Kansas City movement or the Toronto blessing is made up of the old fashioned mesmerists with their snake oil and false elixirs. If there will be a falling away in the end times (and there will be), these men will be the pied pipers leading people to a false gospel, an erroneous Jesus and a false religion they will try to call Christianity. However, what you are witnessing on the stages, platforms and podiums of these churches is a deception sent by Satan to take Christians away from their calling of giving glory, honor and obedience to Christ. Instead, these accolades which belong to God are being given to men. Just listen to their followers sing the praises of how great these pastors are. If you can't see through that, then you need a healthy dose of
Christianity 101 Triple Strength.

Don't be fooled. This
new "move of the spirit" is not the Christianity of the New Testament but the false religion of paganism, new age philosophy and science of mind. Test the spirits. Squeeze the fruit and you'll see the ooze of their poisonous teachings revealed before you.


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danielle willis said...

You seem to think the measure of truthfulness w/re: divine encounters is how "terrified and humbled by their own sinfulness" the person is afterward. Anyone claiming to have had a joyful interaction is either lying or deluded by Satanic forces.
What a desolate spiritual outlook.